ACABADO: Baño en Oro de 18k
CIERRE: Motivo Velatti
COMPOSICIÓN: Algodón japonés trenzado a mano
PIEDRA: Azurita-tanzanita y jade
TAMAÑO PIEDRAS: 6mm y 14mm
MEDIDA: 98 cm
PESO: 42 g



It represents the welcome of spring, with a predominance of green tones, which make us go from the lethargy of winter to the vivacity of spring. The combination of different shades that will add a touch of color to your new spring looks.

- 18-carat gold-plated.

- Designed and manufactured by hand 100% in Spain.

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*Semi-precious stones and natural Pearls may vary slightly in tone and size due to their natural origin.

SKU: TR-344-258