ACABADO: Baño en Oro de 18K
GEMA: Cianita
CIERRE: Aro + palo Velatti
PESO: 32 g
MEDIDA: 46 cm + motivo

FINISHING: 18k Gold plating
CLOSURE: Hoop + Velatti chasp
WEIGHT: 32 g
LENGHT: 46 cm + shape


Our original collection of irregularly shaped textured pieces are full of magic. It represents the link of relationships that are enriched with time; a plot of paths that destiny unites to celebrate special moments. Discover the beauty of the textured metal of these exclusive necklaces up to statement earrings and rings.

- 18-carat gold-plated.

- Designed and manufactured by hand 100% in Spain

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*Semi-precious stones and natural Pearls may vary slightly in tone and size due to their natural origin.

SKU: LK-400-047