Owning a jewel is owning a treasure. And for that, it is normal that we always want them to look their best. But how to do it? With these 6 tips on how to take care of your jewelry, you will get it easily.

Let's start!

Jewelry made with high-quality materials such as natural gems and pearls, plated in 18-carat gold, require special care to keep them in good condition over time.
At VELATTI we want to show you some tricks to clean and store rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. prepared? Here we go!

1. Don't wear cream with your jewelry on. Its remains could accumulate on the pieces causing them to become opaque and lose shine and luminosity.

2. Avoid exposing your jewelry to the sun or extreme heat.

3. Keep them properly. In the cloth bag that we send them and individually, making sure they do not touch each other. In this way we will avoid scratching.

4. Try not to have contact with chemical products such as dishwashing detergent, perfume or any cosmetic.
We always recommend to our clients that in the morning, jewelry be the last thing to put on and at night, the first thing to take off when they get home. Thus, we will avoid possible contact with all these products.

5. You can clean your jewelry with the pouch that we give away with each order.

6. Do not wear them to play sports or lift weights. They could be scratched or deformed.

These 6 small gestures will help your jewelry always look in good condition, with good maintenance you will ensure that your jewelry looks like the first day.