ACABADO: Baño en Oro de 18k
CIERRE: Mosquetón / Adjustable
PIEDRA: Perla, coral, soldalita, cristal checo
PESO: 16 g
MEDIDA: Hasta 43cm

FINISHING: Brass 18k Gold plating
TYPE OF CLOSURE: Traditional screw
STONE: Freshwater pearl, coral, sodalite, Bohemian crystal
WEIGHT: 16 g
LENGHT: Upt to 43cm (adjustable)



Velatti's freshwater pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are handmade in our Barcelona workshop. Each pearl is selected for its unique shape by our team. The Edit peals collection reinvents itself in a rebellious and irreverent way, giving pearls a new look and meaning.

- 18-carat gold-plated.

- Designed and manufactured by hand 100% in Spain.

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*Semi-precious stones and natural Pearls may vary slightly in tone and size due to their natural origin.

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