On November 19, the world day of women entrepreneurs was celebrated and at Velatti, we want to congratulate each one of you, who contributes her bit to society.

The number of women entrepreneurs in the world has been increasing over the years, but there are still many more to come, so in order to serve as inspiration, today we introduce you to the woman behind the creation of Velatti.

Her name is Sandra Acosta, a woman born in Barcelona who in 2008 decided to change her life, creating what we know today as Velatti in 2012.


Sandra is an ambitious, loyal, humble and grateful person who, thanks to this character and her passion, design and desire to create, has been in this business for 14 years.

It all started with the example she had from her mother, who had her own business, and it was what prompted her daughter to found a company in the future, stopping working for others, to focus on herself.

Velatti began as a gem import company for designers, but Sandra had a passion, which is why she decided to carry out jewelry studies, complementing the ones she already had, which are tourism and ADE.

Its philosophy, which is the same as the brand itself, is the creation of jewelry, not products, so that women from all over the world can tell their own story, without neglecting their own style, which is why each design is different, unique. and unrepeatable. A form of expression and inspiration that does not fit into any ready-made fashion trend, designs that are created with a lot of effort, patience and passion for the work carried out.

In the 12 years that Velatti has been active, more than half a million pieces of jewelry have been sold in more than 30 countries, and the designs can be found in more than 300 points of sale around the world.

Velatti is a company with a team made up 100% of women, with different characters and tasks, who, when it comes to working, everything fits perfectly, giving the company a strong and solid structure.

At Velatti we encourage all women who have ideas and concerns to give themselves the opportunity to carry them out and see their dreams come true.