Welcome one more year to Velatti's Magazine!

Before welcoming this new year 2023, we want to thank all of you, with this special and thankful post, all the people who are part of the Velatti family, both readers and customers, for the wonderful year 2022 that We shared.

The year that we say goodbye to has been one full of changes for Velatti, which we have made to improve your experience with our brand and to make the purchase process as easy as possible.

All these changes have been greatly appreciated and appreciated by you and there is no greater joy for Velatti than making our customers happy.

You are all part of one of the fundamental pillars of the company and without you the Velatti family would not be what it is today, which is why we would like and ask you to accompany us for another year on this path and that together Let's keep creating our own.

We will always be available to help you in any way we can, with love and enthusiasm.

Thank you very much for this wonderful 2022 and we look forward to seeing what 2023 holds for us, together with you.


We read each other!