ACABADO: Baño en Oro de 18K
GEMA: Ágata negra, muscovita, zoisita, obsidiana, espinela, rubí zoisita, turmalina, rodonita
CIERRE: Mosquetón / Ajustable
MEDIDA: 92 cm + motivo
PESO: 54 g

FINISHING: 18k Gold plating
GEMSTONE: Black agate, muscovite, zoisite, obsidiane, spinel, zoisite ruby, turmaline, rodonite
CLOSURE: Clasp / Adjustable
LENGHT: 92 cm + shape
WEIGHT: 54 g


The ALEGRIA collection symbolizes optimism. Channel the positivity and energy necessary to improve our daily life. The jewels in the collection are full of color and varied styles that give life.

- 18-carat gold-plated.

- Designed and manufactured by hand 100% in Spain.

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*Semi-precious stones and natural Pearls may vary slightly in tone and size due to their natural origin.

SKU: LK-392-037